The Global Professional Faucet Supplier-since 1979
About NCIP

Key Milestones

More than just a professional manufacturer, As an international company, NCIP INC. has continued to grow and thrive over the years, providing high-quality services and high-quality products to customers.


Will make efforts to develop green production transformation with low water, low electricity,and low energy consumption while promoting the sustainable development of ESG.


Establish an Extremely Flexible system to support ODM customers to obtain more highly customized solutions.

Planning advanced green energy power generation and wastewater recycling equipment to build a high-efficiency green factory.


Undertake water education programs to help build a better future for the next generation. Use environmentally friendly packaging materials and practices to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental protection awareness.


Established an "intelligent" R&D department to develop a new generation of intelligent products.


Implemented the SAP system to promote efficient data processing, analysis and circulation across countries and departments.


Obtained long-term operating permits after the factory's electroplating process quality and waste treatment operations exceed the standards.


Introduced a production automation system to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.


Obtained Australia's "Water Efficiency Labels and Standards" (WELS) registration, including watermark certification, and launched products for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.


Obtained ISO 14001 certification to reduce environmental impact and recognize the importance of sustainable development.

Obtained OHSAS 18001 certification to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy working environment.


Introduced a fully automatic processing system along with low pressure casting technology for an improved brass manufacturing process.


Launched its first ODM product catalog.

Obtained UPC, cUPC and AB1953 certification, to concentrate on customer safety and product quality.


CIP officially changed its name to NCIP INC., and its Chinese factory was renamed DAHATA INC. Here, NCIP focused on bathroom and kitchen hardware production and established an international one-stop service for production, packaging, and shipment to countries around the world.


Introduced its ERP system to improve operational performance and rapid response capabilities.


Established its own factory in China to integrate its marketing system from design to production.


CIP started as a trading company in Taiwan, sourcing and exporting OEM products and parts for customers in the plumbing industry around the world.